Leaving the office for a few days? Let people know with an auto-responder… Here’s how it works…

An auto responder is an automatic message that you can add to your email account. For example, this is useful if you are leaving on vacation and would like anyone who emails you while you are gone to be notified automatically that you will not be available to respond.  You can customize the message that they will get after sending you an email:

  1. Go to www.{}/webmail
  2. Login using your full email address and password
  3. In the upper right corner of the webmail screen, you will see a drop down under your email address. From here, select AUTORESPONDERS, and click ADD.
    1. Character Set – leave this as default
    2. Interval – determines how many hours pass before a person emailing you multiple times receives the auto responder again; for example, if a person emails you three times in the same 8 hours, they would only receive the auto responder once.
    3. From – allows you to fill in a custom Sender; for example, “John Doe’s Auto Responder”… you can also just use your name.
    4. Subject – typically something like “Out of Office Reply”
    5. HTML – optional
    6. Body – here you can place your auto responder message.
    7. Start and Stop dates