Everyone always wants the newest, latest and greatest thing out there and web design is not any different. But how do you really know if your website needs updating? Here are 5 key indicators:

1. Your website does not reflect your company anymore.

Has your company grown and evolved over the past few years? Perhaps you have added new services, developed new products or changed your scope of work. If so, your website probably doesn’t accurately represent your company anymore. Your website should match what you are telling your clients. If it doesn’t, then it is time to redesign and update your website. 

2. Your website looks outdated and moves in slow motion.

Your website should be engaging, attractive to the eye and give the visitor the best impression of your business. You don’t want to lose a potential client because your website was too slow to load or difficult to navigate. Everything changes over the years, so do websites. It wasn’t all that long ago that websites were built using Flash. Many of those sites were not SEO friendly, were slow to load, difficult to navigate and could not be viewed on cellphones or iPhones. As such, Flash is no longer used to build websites. Contemporary websites are inviting, clean and simple evidencing quality development and design. 

3. Your website is difficult to navigate and confusing.

When your visitors visit your website, can they find most of the important things they need in two clicks or less? Is your menu simple and straightforward or is it confusing? Web users today expect a pleasant, simple and efficient navigational experience. If your menu features and navigation are difficult and confusing, you’re losing valuable potential customers as they will likely leave and move on to your competitor’s website.

4. Your website is not responsive for mobile devices.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are being used as the primary Internet viewing device for 93% of the viewing public. With people spending more and more time on their mobile devices, it is vital that your website is mobile-friendly. According to Google, nearly 75% of web users prefer a mobile-friendly site. If your website is not responsive for mobile devices,  meaning that it has the ability to scale to different screen sizes automatically, then you are likely missing out on a large target market for your products and services.

5. Your website does not utilize and integrate Social Media

Social media is an important factor in today’s online world and older websites did not take advantage of this.  Having the proper Like’s, Follow’s, and Share icons, and in some cases feeds, on your site help to keep in touch with your clients and promote your online business through social enviroments.


Your corporate image is an important part of your success and your website. Being that it is often the first impression most prospective clients see of your business, it should reflect a modern, current look and feel. If any or all of the above reasons strike a chord with you, your website design likely requires updating.

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